Code Studio was founded to focus on quality place-making strategies—moving plans from imagination to implementation. Over the years, members of Code Studio have been involved in planning and code initiatives in over 50 communities across the country. Together, we have worked on a diverse set of projects, including zoning, subdivision and unified codes for cities and counties; form-based codes for special areas such as downtowns and corridors; design standards for commercial and residential development; and downtown, corridor and small area plans.

Code Studio pursues planning and implementation work that yields vibrant, mixed use, walkable communities through creative urban infill, redevelopment and incremental change. Our work ranges from quick revisions of existing codes to paradigm shift in a community’s approach to development regulation. While not directly aligned with any planning movement, the firm is well-versed in smart growth, new urbanism, sustainability and green building issues.


Lee Einsweiler, Principal

Lee has been involved in planning, zoning and plan implementation in a variety of settings over the past 30 years. His main emphasis has been on redevelopment activity in urban areas, beginning in south Florida in the 80’s and 90’s, and continuing with his recent work in Los Angeles, Raleigh and Chattanooga. Lee sharpened his skills in the preparation of zoning and subdivision regulations across the country, and has been personally responsible for over 50 code projects, including the complete revision and adoption of over 30 codes. His combination of conventional zoning know-how and new form-based code approaches are rare in the profession, and his ability to facilitate the consideration and adoption of new zoning serves his clients well.

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Colin Scarff, Principal

Colin brings a design perspective to conventional coding and planning practices, developing plans and codes that place a greater emphasis on urban form. Colin crafts plans and codes that are easy to use, easy to understand and easy to administer. His recent efforts focus on applying form-based, mixed-use approaches to plan and code the character of a wide variety of communities across the nation. Whether it’s a neighborhood, downtown, commercial corridor or entire community, Colin believes in developing planning documents that encourage traditional, compact neighborhoods that are sensitive to the environment and context around them. Read More »