Development Codes

By combining zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and other development standards into a single document, our unified development codes streamline the development process, making the review process easier for both administrators, the public, and the development community. Combined with our focus on placemaking and physical form, they create a closer connection between the regulatory framework and the desired built results. Learn More »

Form-Based Codes

Form-based codes provide a mechanism to translate planning and design concepts into regulatory language to create the physical “place” envisioned by a community. When we craft new regulations, we believe they must be fully understood by local citizens and property owners, easily administered by local staff, produce a predictable end result, and above all, fit within the existing legal and regulatory framework. Rather than relying on myriad uses or arcane density prescriptions, our codes are proactive in specifically describing the form of the desired built environment. Learn More »


In addition to form-based codes, we also provide a variety of services working to improve existing zoning frameworks as well as preparing new regulations to address specific issues. We recognize that sometimes desired outcomes can be accomplished with revisions to existing regulations while preserving what’s been proven to work in the community. Design guidelines, zoning consultation, and sign codes are just a few of the projects we’ve successfully completed. Learn More »