We have experience successfully leading charrettes as components of broader coding and planning projects as well as standalone events. Charrettes allow us to ensure that our work includes the public as a collaborative partner. By bringing together a wide variety of participants, the resulting codes and plans reflect the community’s vision and ensures more effective solutions. Learn More »

Small Area Planning

In addition to town planning, we also apply our principles of place-making to specific areas, including corridors, downtowns, and neighborhoods. Our experience working at a variety of scales enables us to integrate area plans into the surrounding context, both the larger regulatory framework and adjacent districts. Learn More »

Town Planning

Our approach to town planning aims to produce vibrant, mixed use walkable communities through creative urban infill, redevelopment, and incremental change. We leverage our extensive experience in public participation and coding to produce plans that both reflect the community’s vision and are geared towards effective implementation. Our experience in town planning covers a robust range from small rural towns to larger metropolitan contexts. Learn More »