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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Downtown Neighborhoods Form-Based Code

The City of Chattanooga has embraced planning innovation for many years, with its successful downtown and riverfront revitalization. At the same time, the five neighborhoods that make up the Downtown area (North Shore, Riverfront, City Center, M.L. King and Southside) have dated regulations that do not accommodate the kind of future development envisioned by the City. Learn more »

Memphis, Tennessee

Unified Development Code

Code Studio prepared a unified development code for the City of Memphis and surrounding Shelby County. The unified development code is the first for the area, and incorporates the zoning and subdivision ordinances into one consolidated document. Learn more »

Knoxville, Tennessee

Cumberland Avenue Form-Based Code

Code Studio once again assisted the City of Knoxville with preparation of a new form-based code for Cumberland Avenue. The code covers a six-block stretch of this key, university-related corridor. Learn more »

Knoxville, Tennessee

South Waterfront Form-Based Code

As the City of Knoxville moved towards implementation of the South Waterfront¬†Plan prepared by Chan Krieger Sieniewicz, Code Studio was brought in to ensure the proposed form-based code would be well-integrated into the existing regulatory framework. Learn more »

Memphis, Tennessee

Fischer Steel Area Plan

Code Studio prepared a unified development code for the City of Memphis and Shelby County. As part of that initiative, several public participation planning charrettes were held in order to create plans that could be used to field-test the provisions of the proposed unified code.¬† Learn more »

Memphis, Tennessee

Broad Avenue Planning Initiative

On behalf of the Memphis/Shelby County Division of Planning and Development, Code Studio and Ferrell Madden undertook a seven-day intensive public participation design charrette intended to elicit a vision for the area, create an illustrative master plan, and eventually implement that plan with a new code for the area. Learn more »

Nashville, Tennessee

Downtown Sign Code

Code Studio worked with Nashville to develop a sign code for the new form-based districts in the Downtown Code. At the time of adoption of the new form districts, the sign code became a contentious issue, and the City determined it would handled separately following adoption of the districts. Learn more »