Chattanooga, Tennessee


January 2015 - Present


Code Studio
Third Coast Design Studio
Noell Consulting Group
Winter & Company
Urban Advantage
Zanetta Illustration
Elemi Architects
Urban Design Associates

The City of Chattanooga has embraced planning innovation for many years, with its successful downtown and riverfront revitalization. At the same time, the five neighborhoods that make up the Downtown area (North Shore, Riverfront, City Center, M.L. King and Southside) have dated regulations that do not accommodate the kind of future development envisioned by the City. This project offers the opportunity to enhance the form of the Downtown neighborhoods by directly coding for the intended outcome.

The project kicked off in late January, 2015 and a highly attended six-day combined neighborhood charrette took place in March 2015. The neighborhoods present a variety of different challenges, from livening up the streets of the Center City, to reducing the dominance of surface parking lots on the eastern edge of downtown and increasing the compatibility of infill development near the University. The community has also expressed the desire for a wider variety of housing types, such as accessory units and tiny houses, and continued support for reuse of industrial buildings on the Southside.

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