Glenview, Illinois


October 2006 - June 2007


Code Studio
Urban Advantage
Third Coast Design Studio
Duncan Associates
Goodman Williams Group
KLOA, inc

Code Studio led a team of consultants in the preparation of a corridor plan for Milwaukee Avenue for the Village of Glenview. Using a public participation charrette, the team generated a new future land use concept for the sites adjacent to the corridor. In one week, the team moved from citizen-driven concepts of the future of the corridor, to detailed design of four key nodes—illustrating how development might occur along the corridor in the future.

Upcoming IDOT improvements may widen the corridor to as much as six lanes, with intersections boasting dual left turn lanes in addition. Rather than battle the roadway configuration at this time, the design team set out to confirm what the impacts on adjacent property development would be if the roadway was widened to its ultimate right-of-way width. The team quickly determined that development of a walkable commercial edge adjacent to six lanes of thoroughfare traffic was impossible. A novel approach employing a multi-way boulevard design, with private slip roads along the thoroughfare frontage providing slower travel lanes and on-street parking. This approach allows the adjacent commercial development to relate to the street in a more typical “main street” fashion, providing opportunities for walking, dining, and window-shopping in a comfortable atmosphere removed from the through lanes of the adjacent roadway.

The plan also calls for a variety of mixed use options, including one significant redevelopment area with an internal “main street.” The Village had received a variety of development proposals in the months immediately prior to the charrette — within weeks after the charrette, more than half had been revised to embrace the new concepts from the Plan—a victory for the Village as it tries to improve the quality of development in the corridor.

View the plan.