Raleigh, North Carolina


October 2009 - February 2013


Code Studio
Winter & Company
The Lawrence Group

In November 2009, Raleigh adopted their 2030 Comprehensive Plan, updating and replacing the 1989 Comprehensive Plan. As a direct implementation step, Code Studio drafted a new unified development ordinance (UDO). The goal of the UDO was to prepare development regulations that address contemporary development and zoning practices, and are easily understood by administrators, the public and the development community. The UDO supports the goals and policies expressed in the new Comprehensive Plan.

The approach to the project was two-fold: 1) re-envision, reorganize, and streamline existing conventional regulations into an innovative modern code; and 2) formulate a form-driven regulatory system to foster vibrant, walkable, mixed use communities in designated growth centers and corridors.

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