Denver, Colorado


November 2005 - February 2010


Code Studio
Winter & Company

Code Studio was the lead drafter of Denver’s recently adopted Zoning Code update. Denver needed a new zoning code to support a growing economy, a sustainable environment and a high quality of life. Denver citizens called for reform of the Zoning Code in the 1989 Comprehensive Plan and Comprehensive Plan 2000. This message was repeated in Blueprint Denver (2002). In January of 2005, Mayor Hickenlooper appointed a community-based Zoning Code Task Force to guide and oversee a multi-year zoning update effort.

The context-based approach developed by Code Studio is organized around six different “contexts” derived from the existing and desirable characteristics of Denver’s diverse neighborhoods. This context-based approach provides a broader range of zoning categories than is currently available. The New Zoning Code uses a form-based approach that clearly explains what it expected and what can be built. The Zoning Code was unanimously adopted by City Council on June 21, 2010 and became effective June 25, 2010.

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